andy yang

Tranquility (Selected Pieces)


by Andy Yang

Commissioned by One East Asia for ESPA at Resorts World Singapore

This series of work which I have the privilege to work on are heavily influenced by the calm and the flow of positive energy that is felt at spas. As with most paintings I created, i rode on these emotions and started the creative process by first composing a different set of music using various musical instruments and sound effects for each piece of work before i started replaying the music continuously in the studio as I worked on the canvas.

Totally led by inspirations generated from the music, I then translated the emotions onto the canvasses via energetic brush strokes, bold splashes of paints, interspersed with sudden burst of colours, all working together in a rhythmic flow which sometimes seem to carry on indefinitely beyond the confines of the canvasses. Oftentimes, meditation on the music will inspire a sudden burst of creative energy and this is evident is some pieces where you see focused areas of ‘activities’ on the canvasses.

As apparent in my past works, loud iridescent colours too, are used sporadically in this project to bring out the richness one feels after a spa experience. The heavy use of textures and layers of paint signify the energy exchanged/gathered during each treatment. Earthly tones and hues bring out the calmness that mother nature nurtures.

Special thanks to Shanen, Veronica at One East Asia, Shih Yun from Instinc and all at ESPA.

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