andy yang

Andy Yang Art/Music Technique Branding Collaterals


Late last year, I approached my old friend Pann, Creative Director from Kinetic Singapore if he and his team would be interested in building a brand identity for me and my work and he agreed. Being a multi-disciplinary artist who works with visual and sound, Pann suggested that I create my brand identity collaterals the same way that I create my paintings.

This means that I would have to create “live” soundscapes and paint on each and every single namecard, letterhead and envelope. The whole creative process will then be captured on video to better explain my work. It was a brilliant idea to showcase the music and the vibrant, iridescent colours used in my work. So here we go…

Really appreciate the hard work these guys put in to make this project come to life.

Kinetic Singapore

Pann Lim – Creative Director
Gian Jonathan/Astri Nursalim/Pann Lim – Art Director
Catherine Phua – Copywriter
Jeremy Wong/Nemesis Pictures – Videographer & Photographer

Germain Wu/Miracle Factory – Editor
Michelle/The Gentleman’s Press

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