andy yang

Little Blessings Volume 1

For this set of paintings I tried an alternative approach that led to a totally new look. I started the creative process with first composing a different set of colours based on the emotions and feelings of the day. Together with sounds and sometimes music playing in my subconscious mind.

Totally led by inspirations generated from the emotions, sounds and colour fields in my mind, I then translated these onto the canvasses via energetic air blown colour blends, bold splashes of paints, interspersed with sudden burst of colours, all working together in a rhythmic flow which sometimes seem to carry on indefinitely beyond the confines of the canvasses.

Oftentimes, meditation on the sounds, thoughts and feelings will inspire a sudden burst of creative energy and this is evident on some pieces where you see focused areas of ‘activities’ on the canvasses. As apparent in my works, bright colours are used sporadically with darker colours or vice-versa to depict a dramatic effect on the paintings.

Available for viewing and sale now at Follow The Art Today (FAT) Gallery, 3 Temasek Boulevard,#02-381/2, Suntec City Mall. Tel: 63363972. Open from Mon – Sun, 10.30am – 9.30pm

Do feel free to drop me a mail at should you need further clarification. 🙂

AndyYang_FieldsJoy AndyYang_WanderingDreams AndyYang_WakeUp AndyYang_WakeUp AndyYang_WanderingDreams

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