andy yang

Glenfiddich 1965

Custom artwork that accompanies the Glenfiddich Singapore Anniversary Edition 50 Year Old Whisky entitled Senses. 2m(W) x 1.5m(H) diptych. Acrylic on canvas.

This work is an abstract visual description based on Glenfiddich’s Scottish Gaelic, which means ‘Valley of the Deer’.

Abstract forms based on the antlers are used as a representation of the deer. The artwork is presented as a diptych to represent a valley where the distillery is housed. Inspired by the copper pot stills and wooden casks that creates the whisky aroma and character, copper pigments and burnt umber are used as the main colours of this painting.

Created almost like a self-contained movement in a musical composition, I create these visual forms from ideas and perfect them. A dramatic conflict of shapes is created through the tension of colors, strengthening each other by the effect of containment and eruption, of fixation and flotation. The moving structures offers the possibility of emotional variations and an intensification of the painter’s expression, similar to the use of sonatas in music.

Photographs courtesy of Glenfiddich and Studio Ooze.


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