andy yang

The Jaguar Art Experience 2017

Live! painting event for the The Jaguar Art Experience with Talenia Phua Gajardo In Collaboration with Singapore Fashion Week 2017.

Painting to me is like a performance to me at this point in time. At first, I would have a thought in my mind, it could be a myriad of memories of feelings and past experiences, coupled with whatever environment I am currently in, all falling into it’s own place in it’s own time. It may take a while for this to form but once I am more or less ready with the idea. That is when I will start with the crucial first marks. Once I get started, everything just sort of pours out onto the canvas. Sometimes the ideas form so fast, I have to stop to catch a breather. This is one of the reasons I enjoy painting live from time to time. It’s really a joy to see ideas revealing, forming themselves to me and holding their own ground. The final piece was named ‘The Promise of Happiness’. Acrylic on Linen. 2m(H) x 1.9m(W). The custom piece is currently with Jaguar Singapore.

Would like to thank Talenia from The Artling for curating the show and believing in my abilities and work. Awesome event management by Lumina Live! and Wearnes Automotive Singapore for being a great host. Thank you to my wonderful friends old and new who came by to support the event and stayed on until the end. Event photos courtesy of Yeo Shih Yun and Mauro De Giorgi.


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