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A removal from or of fault. DE:FAULT is an exhibition that holds artists NO fault from the works presented; all faults  predicted. Artists are to experiment playfully. Their only criteria is to act on unfamiliar grounds.

Performative activation piece for 


Venue: INSTINC Soho Art Space at SOHO2@CENTRAL, Singapore

Thursday, 4th April 2019

About the Work:

Title: Living In Constant Vulnerability 

Dimension – Performance Art, Variable

Medium: Dobro guitar, sound effect pedals, guitar amplifier, jigsaw, screwdriver.

Performed by Andy Yang

The artist’s constant exploration and obsession with visual arts and music brought him to this work. This time, he puts himself in a position where he is most vulnerable, playing acoustic musical instruments in a live and unrehearsed setting, portraying the courage of a creative individual, putting his views in their works out into the world regardless of any audience approval. 

Living in Constant Vulnerability is a durational live performance art presentation by Andy Yang. In response to the group show’s theme DE: FAULT. He is acting on unfamiliar grounds. He starts by making sounds from a Dobro with a metal tone bar and familiar tools like screwdrivers. All the sound and noises made are filtered through a range of sound effect pedals, recorded and built continuously up into a looper recorder into a soundtrack of sorts and amplified aloud through a single guitar amplifier. This performance depicts the journey of an individual artist courageously penning down his thoughts and ideas, presumably in a safe and secure environment. Free from any judgment from anyone except the artist himself. 

Midway through the performance, just when he felt that he was being watched and judged. He decides to bring out the jigsaw and systematically cuts the dobro guitar into pieces while being recorded into the looper that was growing into a cacophony of sounds — representing, for a moment. A sense of freedom and liberation to do express whatever he wanted even though his actions are always judged. After satisfied with cutting and dismantling the dobro guitar. Decimated pieces and shards from the guitar were gathered and collected. Eventually, given out to the audience as though he was sharing his burden with them and seeking an understanding.

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