andy yang


10 Singapore-based artists take out of galleries and into bus shelters along the 175 bus route

during Singapore Art Week, 21 January – 3 February 2021

Bringing art to where Singaporeans live, work, and commute.

Public art group exhibition with Hélène Le Chatelier, Alecia Neo, Perception3,

Andy Yang, Yen Phang, Rizman Putra, Madhvi Subahmanian, Sebastian Mary Tay, 

The Next Most Famous Artist, Merryn Trevethan.

Works presented at selected bus stops along bus route 175 from Geylang Bahru 

to Gillman Barracks, Singapore.

ARTIST: Andy Yang

TITLE: Canopy For The Masses

ABOUT: Commuters are invited to explore a virtual showcase while they wait. Canopy For The Masses depicts forest canopies, one of Mother Nature’s most basic forms of shelter, providing for us all. Virtual paintings illustrate that Mother Nature requires time to build the things we need. 

Download FREE Artivive app to your phone and watch these artworks transform 

with Augmented Reality.

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