andy yang

EPILOGUE, In (Future) Memory of The Artists Village for Singapore Art Week SAW2022

Group show curated by Bridget Tay with

Andy Yang, Bridget Tay, Ezzam Rahman, Ghazi Alqudcy, Gilles Massot, Isabelle Desjeux, 

Jacquelyn Soo, Jason J S Lee, Jennifer Teo, Justin Lee, Kai Lam, Koh Nguang How, Lim  Shengen,

Lina Adam, Shin-Young Park, Sophia Natasha Wei.

CSC@Changi (Fairy Point 7)

Epilogue marks The Artists Village (TAV)’s 30th anniversary as well as the potential final exhibition showcase that reflects on the group’s milestones and roles. 

The exhibition brings together a non-linear, cumulative, and empirical documentation of TAV’s 30-year history alongside artworks made by current members that reimagine the choices, perceptions, and pathways which have led us to where we are today.

A staging of parallel timelines and narratives, Epilogue is, at its core, about the connective possibilities between the past and the present, between history and the forging of the new. Memory and forgetting, grief and hope coalesce as we examine how closure impacts TAV and the art community.

Following TAV’s usual mode of co-opting unconventional urban and public spaces for art, Epilogue occupies the “homely” spaces of a chalet as we contemplate what living and working together means, and what evolution might look like. 

As a potential final curtain call to TAV’s journey, the Epilogue is an investigation of our history, a chance to address the question of sustainable collectivity, and an embracing of the future with the turn of the chapter.

Andy Yang

Title: My Deepest Condolences Going Out To Everyone Who Tried

Medium: Sculpture + Installation

Size: 190cm (H) x 80cm (W) each

Artwork Description: 

A pair of digital LED wreaths, running 24/7, would be presented for the whole duration of the show. They are marking a mournful occasion. However, a part of any funeral is also a celebration of a life well-lived. To honor the deceased’s life, in this case, the arts group and strive to comfort the bereaved family, the artists that worked tirelessly over the years—aimed to develop an ideal consciousness of the importance of arts in Singapore. A daunting task nevertheless. It would be best for its subsequent members to move on after learning from past struggles. Learn to bury the past and pave the way for a new future without past burdens. 


14-26 January 2022

CSC @ Changi (Fairy Point 7)

Ezzam Rahman + Andy Yang


Title: what do you want from me 

(Leda and the Goose) 

12 January 2022

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