andy yang

‘Episodes’ Artwork for Teriver Cheung & Ensemble Transience


1.6m(H) x 1m(W) x 3cm(D)

Acrylic On Linen

Album Artwork & Painting by Andy Yang

Album Graphic Design by Errol Tan

Photography by Alvin Tan from Teo Studio

Teriver Cheung & Ensemble Transience ‘Episodes’ Artwork

Finally! I can share this piece with everyone.

The project started around October 2017 and was completed, in the third quarter of 2018. I got to know Teriver Cheung through Kerong Chok (whose album cover I worked on previously). Teriver shared with me his vision for his album entitled ‘Episodes’ and sent me demos of the tracks. From what I gathered, from his vision and music (after listening to the tracks repeatedly).

I thought it would be interesting to share what I wrote to Teriver which turned into the artwork that represented his vision in a visual format. Here we go.

Teriver Cheung & The Ensemble Transience ‘Episodes’ Concept + Design Idea Description

From what I gather, from your ‘Episodes’ journey. I observe a plethora of emotions and thoughts from your musical voyage that is,  intertwined with your life. Through these experiences and via your expressions, they form into scenarios/landscapes.

Through these observations, I see a landscape of experiences akin to our life journeys each of us have to partake. However, in my case, they manifest themselves into shapes, colours and form that form a landscape. One that is alive and evolving, progressive as life is.

What I am trying to do here is trying to ascribe all these events and movements — recording them in a visual moment in time where all the departures into the blue, stillness and being trapped are all here together at the same time.

Similar to meaningful and critical religious events that are preserved and to be cherished in future.   

The process of this painting will be quite progressive as we go along to replicate the excitement, disappointments from falling from a bad idea and rising again triumphantly with brilliant ones. So it goes on. So, do bear with me, if I add on and may remove some aspects from time to time to enhance and make things work to express the thoughts here.

I usually approach my work as I would a musician working on an album but with a visual perspective.

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