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UOB + Andy Yang ‘Dream Metropolis’


Dream Metropolis

Digital Artwork

This work that portrays, the fictitious collective experiences of people living in an ideal world. People were working together, and everyone was well fed. Economies around the world were thriving. Climate was in control, and the situation was almost in utopia. However, the sophisticated infrastructure that has made it prosperous and efficient in governing itself, it has also posed challenges to overcome new issues. Issues like complacency, to the social divide and the lack of drive from the young generation to move forward to chart living conditions for the future generations.

The whole landscape for this work paints in colours and forms, an obvious push and pull of positive and negative outcomes for things to work out. As much as we are turned off by difficult challenges, it is essential for new beginnings. On the other hand, it also depicts the harmonious cooperation and existing experiences of joy that comes with positivity.

Working both on traditional medium and digital. Started work with acrylic on canvas, then decided to go digital for practical media output purposes. So, ended up working on two artworks, the original acrylic on the canvas after delivering the digital painting that is on the Fitbit band.


Thoughts On A Dream

Acrylic on Linen

1.6m(H) x 1m(W) x 3cm(D)

Here is the piece that inspired ‘Dream Metropolis’. Started as a sketch study that in the end became a complete painting itself, because it led along into the zone. However, just had to complete it — the genesis of this project. Entitled ‘Thoughts On A Dream’. Acrylic on linen, 1.6m(H) x 1m(W). The New Fitbit Charge 3, with an exclusive Limited Edition UOB Cards band, designed by artist Andy Yang.

Special thank you to UOB Cards, Germs and Goodstuph for having me on board on such a massive campaign,

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