andy yang



15th – 18th May 2019 One East Asia ArtSpace

While action and gestures aim to communicate the interior expression of the artists that precedes the performance of the gesture, the connection between meaning and movement is a pivotal balance in the creation of a gesture.

Between layers of plexiglass are gestures of Deusa Blümke, encased and amalgamated into an abstraction. Blümke’s unique process of ‘listening’ to shapes and colours synchronizes with Czech-born philosopher Vilem Flusser’s understanding that the painter “is in the gesture of painting.” This embodiment is further energized when Blümke views her paintings as live organisms in celebrating the energy and momentum of life. Tuning into the frequency of paint is also epitomized by Andy Yang. Operating under musical stimuli, Yang implements antithetical techniques to dilute his control as a deliberate action to allow various forms of gestures to harmonize. This approach is Yang’s independent Harmonic major scale in which he operates in.

The Sound of Gestures is interested in the thoughts, feelings and action that goes behind the layers of painting as much the energies that the composition reveal. This exhibition encourages one to hear the sound of gestures to connect with the abstract.

Something Happened On The Way To Heaven. 100cm(H) x 180cm(W). Oil on Linen.
An Innocent Vision. 100cm(H) x 160cm(W). Oil on Linen.
Into The Light Of The Morning. 180cm(H) x 100cm(W). Oil on Canvas.
In Between Realms. 60cm(H) x 140cm(W). Oil on Canvas.
Breaking Point. 100cm(H) x 160cm(W). Oil on Linen.
Watching The Sunrise From A Tropical Isle. 100cm(H) x 180cm(W). Oil on Linen.

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