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Ethni-City III: Kali Yuga 26/27.10.2018

Kali Yuga is the latest installment of ETHNI-CITY. It’s name is inspired by Sanskrit scripture and the Mahabharata.

Our multidisciplinary work is designed with the hope of raising awareness to the pervasive powers that corrupt, control, and detach human beings from one another and Mother Nature. To counter that, we believe that by channeling energy to people, and by using technology in our art-making, that people will be able to rediscover their autonomy, the first of a butterfly effect that would ultimately allow Man, Nature and Technology to coexist with one another.

SAtheCollective presents their latest offering as part of their ETHNI-CITY series. At its essence, the project aims to celebrate the meeting of diverse cultures. While Singapore’s diverse setting has given its people a basic understanding and tolerance for other races, our belief is that all our cultures can attain to an even greater state of congruence. By using the universal language of music, ETHNI-CITY is at once both a reflection of the current state of Singapore society, as well as a hopeful depiction of a brighter future.

ETHNI-CITY is a collaborative project between SA and artists from different ethnic backgrounds. The project welcomes all sorts of art practitioners, from musicians to dancers, calligraphers, and more. Each show is unique as we are constantly innovating new ways to assimilate one another’s arts and cultures. In the processes of preparing for and executing the show, SA and our collaborators hope to be able to investigate and steer Singapore’s cultural identity in the direction of transculturalism. ETHNI-CITY is intended for restaging both locally and internationally.

The Team

Producer/Director/Musician: Andy Chia (SA)

Musicians: Natalie Alexandra (SA), Govin Tan (SA), Andy Yang,

Akileshwar Vm, Sai Vigneshwar Vm, Brian O’Reilly

Visual Artist: Aqilah Misuary

Movement Artists: Mohamad Sufri Juwahir, Sheriden Newman

Lighting Designer: Alberta Wileo

Producer: Mohamad Shaifulbahri Mohamadi

Artistic Adviser: Dr. Timothy O’Dwyer

Production Details

Venue: Flexible Performance Space, LASALLE College of the Arts

1 McNally Street, Singapore 187940

Dates & Times:

26 October 201 8 / 8pm

27 October 201 8 / 3pm & 8pm

Strangeweather Movement Group with Andy Yang: Spooky Action (At A Distance) II: ArtScience Late 19.11.2015

Strangeweather Movement Group with Andy Yang: Spooky Action (At A Distance) II: ArtScience Late 19.11.2015

Venue: ArtScience Museum Lobby

Performers: Faye Lim and Bernice Lee

Musician: Andy Yang

Set Design: Andy Yang

For ArtScience Late, Strangeweather Movement Group revisits a 2013 performance work, Spooky Action (at a Distance), in collaboration with visual artist and musician Andy Yang. In Spooky, Strangeweather considers the theory of quantum entanglement, puts it on the backburner, and creates an off-kilter dance performance of impolite improvisation scores and congruent choreography. Yang intercepts the performance with a resounding lo-fi musical installation and what happens next is anyone’s guess.

Excerpts of the original performance were featured in filmmaker Karol Jalochowski’s documentary, Reality Lost, which was commissioned by NUS Centre for Quantum Technologies and screened in Singapore,  Warsaw and Mexico City.

This rendition of Spooky is performed by Bernice Lee, Faye Lim and Andy Yang.

Anitya 1: An Experimental performance by The Observatory featuring artist Andy Yang 24/25.1.2011

Anitya 1: An Experimental performance by The Observatory featuring artist Andy Yang 24/25.1.2011

Borrowing from the idea of the Buddhist sand mandala ritual, Singapore art-rock band The Observatory presents Anitya, a series showcasing Artists collaborating with the Band to explore what develops between music and a non-musical art form in a performance setting.

In the first instalment, The Observatory and artist Andy Yang enact this ritual with sound and painting. From start to end, the musicians and the artist search for an inter-connectedness and synchronicity in the moment. The boundaries of conventional performance will be tested. There is no script, no rehearsal, and no grand design. Everything is created instantaneously and destroyed as soon as the point of completion is reached. 

Audiences will get to see how music and art respond and interact. The Sanskrit word for impermanence, Anitya is about the process, a reflection of the temporal nature of life and art, from inception to expiration. One might experience this mutability in the sounds of The Observatory, arising from a wordless dialogue with the collaborating Artist. Devoid of a definitive conclusion or form, the work of Andy Yang is dynamic and subtle, produced in a manner that places emphasis on the physical act of painting as it connects with the music, evolving intuitively and returning eventually to silence.

Observe an original work in progress, as its purveyors seize combined emotions and capture the atmospheres conjured within a single performance. 

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