andy yang

Vighatana. SAtheCollective + Andy Yang

Vighatana is a fully digital dramatic work that is inspired by climate change. The work presents a tapestry work of art that begins and continues to evolve for a duration of a limited time of 10 mins. Depicting or simulating the uncomfortable feeling that we faced during the crisis. The audience will experience an elaborate set with a brilliantly conceived projection mapping and lighting design all animated. Through animated topographic visual maps projected onto a digital space and ‘live’ soundtracks. Artists and musicians will express and depict scenarios of forest fires spreading with intense heat, extreme temperatures, and crashing waves of tsunamis. Animated visuals of events taking place from beginning to end. For example, forest fires spreading, the build-up of tornados, etc. The soundtrack continues to complement the dramatic visuals from start to end. The work hopes to bring attention to climate change and its potential effects through a series of embodied moving artworks. The overall effect is one that is visually and sonically pure. Stripping the music of its cross-cultural points of reference and visual, fully integrated with the music as one living being.

Produced by Andy Chia

Musicians: Andy Chia | Natalie Alexandra Tse | Andy Yang | Vick Low

Visual Artists: Andy Yang | Keith Chia

Recording Engineer: Yong Rong Zhao

Mixed and Mastered By Yong Rong Zhao

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