andy yang

oneirism-Ritual. 2022 SIFA X

Performance & Exhibition. 27 May – 4 June. 2022 Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA)

Where has your body been? Where has it walked, what has it touched, what has it experienced? We shed a cumulative of 200 million skin cells every day, leaving invisible yet tangible footprints of our DNA throughout the material world. These worn clothes and used chairs, carrying trace elements of all the people that have ever inhabited them, are what sets the stage for our twilight festival. oneirism Rituals awakens energy and life in Aliwal Arts Centre by gathering up these forgotten pieces and celebrating the things oft taken for granted.  

oneirism-Rituals at Aliwal Arts Centre are imbued with the richness of contemporary live performance expression, evoking the ceremonies and rituals drawn from Southeast Asian culture, and inspiring us all to rediscover the magic hidden in everyday mundanity.

SIFA X:Oneirism (World Premiere) 

Conceptualized and curated by Andy Chia

Produced by SAtheCollective

Oneirism – Rituals

Conceptualized by

Andy Chia

Andy Yang

Ezzam Rahman


Andy Chia

Andy Yang

Ezzam Rahman

Production Stage Manager – Chong Jeannette

Sound Engineer – Mark Spencer

Lighting and equipment – Chris Ang with BCube

Tech Crew – Dean Chong, Illhan Mansiz, Alfred Lim

Production Volunteer – Kristi Lim

Commissioned by Singapore Festival of the Arts 2022

oneirism – Rituals Opening Day 27.5.22
oneirism – Rituals Closing Ceremony 4.6.22

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