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CEREMONY. ArtScience Late: Andy Yang + SAtheCollective


ArtScience Late: Andy Yang + SAtheCollective

21 February 2019, Thursday | 8pm

Expression Gallery, Level 4

Artists : Andy Yang, Andy Chia, Natalie Alexandra

CEREMONY Concept + Design: Andy Yang

Initially, this performance and installation work had the working title ‘The Last Womb: Return To Mother’ before I decided to name it ‘Ceremony’. The idea came about around 2006, the time when my son was born. Observing all the events from the first trimester to the final third trimester till birth. Experiencing its ups and downs, the uncertainties and expectations. I decided to take note of the experiences and see what I could come up with to showcase the experiences through visual and sound. There were a few chances to present the work during those few years, but it just didn’t happen. I almost gave up on the idea and thought that it would never happen at all, but again felt that it may not be the right time, so the plan was on the back burner still. Fast forward, circa 2017, I shared the idea with longtime creative collaborators, Andy Chia and Natalie Alexandra from SA the Collective as they were going through the whole process of having a baby at that time and they agreed to come on board the project as they could really connect with the entire experience and idea. I reworked and tighten some parts of the proposal, presented it to ArtScience Museum, and they were happy to show it at their ArtScience Late program. So, finally, slightly after more than a decade since the inception of the idea, here we are. CEREMONY!

Sound Engineer: Raywyn Zayne

Assistant Sound Engineer: Pimmala Jesse

Multimedia Collaborator: Keith Chia

Set and Props Maker: The Props Company

Costume Designer: Ian Wang (IOLA Fashion Work World)

Lighting Designer: Peter Chi

Production Assistant: Chan Wai Kit

Videographer: Eric Lee

Special thank you and appreciation to our friend Ang Cheng Yan and also Zhang Baoxin & Stacy Law from ArtScience Museum.

Video and photos courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

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